Neil MacMillan: church planting and the East of Scotland Gospel Partnerhips

 1) What is the East of Scotland Gospel Partnership and what is its mission?

About 5 years ago a number of ministers from Edinburgh travelled separately to the Urban Plant Life Conferences in London to hear Tim Keller speaking on church planting. On their return to Edinburgh they came together to form a church planting movement called the East of Scotland Gospel Partnership.  Our aim is to plant churches that will plant churches in order to multiply the number of gospel churches in the city and surrounding regions. We want to lift the name of Jesus high.

2) How many churches have been planted and how many are in the planning stages? 

So far there have been seven church plants associated with the Partnership and there are three more in the early stages of being planted and several more at the planning stage. Our biggest challenge is finding and recruiting young men with the passion, skills and character to plant churches.

3) How would you say being part of the CTCE network has helped you with your plant and personally?

Being part of CTCE has helped us to form a vision for our city and the possibilities for the gospel there. It has introduced us to church planters from across Europe who have encouraged us, shared their hearts with us, prayed with us and fed us with some wonderful ideas. Through CTCE we have been able to access specialised, well developed training for urban church planters, and now we have begun using material from CTC to recently launch our own training programme in Edinburgh. Al Barth has also been pivotal in supporting me to get going with a new church plant in the Morningside area of Edinburgh, helping me to think through the planting process and find resources to make the plant happen.

4) Anything else you want to add about Edinburgh? 

Edinburgh is a beautiful city with a rich Christian history but a poverty of gospel churches. But for everyone involved in our partnership there is a strong sense that we are on the verge of something new and exciting and that God is working to bring a new era of gospel life to our city.