Gospel in the City - Hamburg

Gospel in the City - Hamburg, Germany

by Matthias Voigt 

From the 26th through the 28th of September we held a City to City Europe „Gospel in the City“ Seminar in Hamburg. Together with 57 attendants from 8 nations - mostly the Scandinavian countries - we took 3 days to think through the heart and vision for how the gospel change us and our cities. Church planters and City to City staff from Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg and New York City shared their experiences and insights in 8 sessions. The focus of the sessions was neither merely on doctrine nor on a specific model or specific applications, but rather on equipping the planters to develop a gospel-centered and contextualized approach to ministry for their diverse contexts.

We tried to accomplish several goals with this seminar. We wanted to give people who are involved in church planting an idea of the DNA of City to City, to encourage them in their ministry as well as to connect them with other planters in their region. The attendants of the seminar were in very different ministry situations: from seminary students considering church planting some time in the future, to start team members, experienced planters or regional directors for church planting. We were very happy to see people connect who minister in the same country in different cities, but didn‘t know of each other before. 

As a European network, we want to put an emphasis on training the next generation of chruch planters for the cities of Europe. Therefore, we plan to have seminars like these about twice a year in different cities of Europe. There has been another seminar like this in Kiev, Ukraine in October and there is one planned in London in January - other cities will be following soon. So, if you are interested in planting a church and in connecting to CTC Europe, maybe we‘ll see you at one of those!"