Welcome to the intensive in hamburg

What is the European intensive?

The intensive training is a 10 day long learning experience for church planters that are called to plant a church in one of the major cities of Europe. Interactive classes taught by experienced church planters and trainers will be combined with on-site visits of church plants. The training will have the following main objectives

  • Gospel Theology: We want to create a learning experience where future church planters get immersed into the depth of the gospel, learn to apply the gospel to themselves and understand how the gospel shapes and empowers every aspect of their church plant.

  • Ministry Design: How do we contextualize our ministry approaches to our urban context? What will the unique, city-focused ministry of our church planters look like in their respective context?

  • Balanced Ministry: How do we plant churches that address the different ministry fronts in the city? How will the gospel influence and propel your preaching, evangelism, discipleship, faith and work, and mercy and justice initiatives and bear fruit for your city?

  • Planting a missional church: How do we gather and train a core group for a church plant? How can we implement a missional mindset into our community from the earliest stages on? And how do we lead this community through the various first steps of a church plant?

Where, when and who?

The training will happen from September 9th - September 19th. The training sessions will mostly held by European trainers, as well as by John Thomas from City to City NYC, who will support and train us in the process.

There will also be a side track for trainers, who will train church planters in their respective cities.

How much will it cost?

City to City Europe will cover all the costs for accommodation as well as for the lunches during the training days. We will also organize and book your accommodation.

The participants are responsible to pay for their travel to Hamburg and back. They will also have to cover their expenses for breakfast and dinner. We will offer three dinners. If you use public transport in the city to get around, you will also have to cover that yourself.


The attendees wil stay at the City Surfer Hotel. Amsinckstrasse 44, Hamburg. http://citysurfer44.hotelsinhamburg.net/de/

The trainers will stay at https://boardinghouse-stpauli.de
Königstraße 7 | 22767 Hamburg +49 (40) 31 77 24 13

Questions about housing, travel and in case of emergency

Please contact Imke von Mejer, imke.vonmejer@hamburgprojekt.de or telephone +494041119176.

Training location

Schulterblatt 73 (Studio 2) 3rd Floor
20357 Hamburg
(The entrance is on the left of Haus 73, past the house through a small steel gate)



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Find here the detailed Agenda and information about the intensive.


Intensive Trainers

During the days trainers will work with the group of potential planters.

Soon the information of the trainers Tim Coomar and Alexander Pipilios from Athens will be put online.

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Matthias Voigt

Matthias Voigt is a teaching and discipleship pastor at Hamburgprojekt, which has been planted 10 years ago in the city center of Hamburg. He also serves as a training coordinator for City to City Europe. Over the last few years, he has been involved in several training events for CTCE and has been a member of the executive team.


john thomas

John Thomas is responsible for designing and delivering many of our training experiences for CTC, both in New York and in other global cities. He has written and field-tested CTC's Incubator, a transformational training system for urban church planters. His vision is to develop a global cadre of trainers who collaborate in the service of gospel church planting in every city in which we work.

John has been involved in ministry training and church planting overseas, as well as in the US, most recently planting Church of the Redeemer in Atlanta.

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András Lovas

András Lovas is pastor of Gazdagret Reformed Church, a new church he led for 20+ years. Serving as a denominational mission advisor since 2016, he conducts trainings for pastors and mentors church planters. He is one of the trainers at CTC Incubator Budapest and a leader of the Budapest network. András studied urban mission at Bakke Graduate University (D.Min), and also is involved as a spiritual director on retreats. His wife is an artist and they have three almost grown up children.


Benjamin Morrison

Benjamin Morrison has been involved in church planting teams in both Latin America and Europe and is the planter and lead pastor of Calvary Chapel in Svitlovodsk, Ukraine. He serves as the coordinator of City to City Ukraine and is involved with training and coaching church planters. He is also a member of the board of directors of IFES in Ukraine (CCX) and is a speaker for many of their events. His desire is to see a movement of Gospel-centered, contextualized churches from multiple denominations planted in the cities of Ukraine and beyond.

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Andy Weatherley

Andy Waverly is a church planter in Birmingham, the second largest city in the UK. He is married to Jo, and they have two wonderful children. He has been involved in planting three churches and is the director of training for 2020 Birmingham, a church planting movement for his city. HeI loves photography and mountain biking.

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Przwmek Sielatycki’s adventure with following Jesus started during his 1st year as a Uni student in Poznan in 1995. Since then he has been involved in engaging university students with the Gospel. In 2001 he joined the church planting team in Krakow led by an American missionary, and in 2005 he became the senior pastor. While enjoying the privilege of pastoring a local community of believers at Christ the King Church in Krakow, he continues to reach out with the Gospel to university campuses across Poland and in Central Eastern Europe. He is a happy husband of Magda and a proud father of Teo and Lila.

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Stephan Pues is the director of City To City Europe with the vision to create movements of the gospel in the cities of Europe. He was born in Germany, studied at the free theological seminary in Gießen and was a youth-pastor. In 2009 he moved to Frankfurt to plant a church. Together with other leaders he started the center for church planting in Frankfurt. Stephan is married to Verena and they have 3 young children. Together they planted a church in Frankfurt. In his free time he does downhill biking, he draws, he plays with legos and he loves to travel the cities.

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Imke van Mejer will take care of all the logistics during the stay of the participants.


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clement blanc

paris, france

Clement Blanc grew up in the region of Paris, France, and still lives there today. He was raised in the faith and I got baptized at age 16. He studied engineering to work as an acoustician. After working for about a year, he went back to school in 2013 to seminary, where he’s getting his master’s degree in theology. During that period, he has been a trainee pastor for five years with the Assemblies of God. He met my wife Barbara in seminary, and they got married in 2015. They are beginning the process of planting a church near Paris with a team geared toward students and academics.

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Nuno Moleira and Gilberta Oliveira

Viana, Portugal

Nuno and Gila were both born in Viana do Castelo, Portugal. They have been married since 1999, and have two children, Leonor and Diogo. They lived and worked outside Portugal for 10 years, before returning from the Middle East in early 2017, having felt the call of God to return to Portugal and serve full-time as missionaries. Shortly after, they learned of the work of Surf Church Porto, and began to invest their time, gifts, talents, and knowledge in the planting of Surf Church Viana. Currently they have led all the ministries of the church together with Troy Pitney, and desire to add further members to the team.

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Dick Groenendijk

The Hague, Netherlands

Dick is 29 years old and married to Josephina. He was raised in Holland in the neighborhood of Rotterdam as the middle of three brothers. Although he was a churchgoer before, he came to know Christ as his Lord and Savior in his teenage years. This changed many things for him, including his study plans. He felt the need to share the Good News but did not feel equipped to do so, so he signed up to study theology. When he finished his studies, he found a place to serve in a traditional church in the Hague and has been there for three years now. Since then, he has been thinking about and praying for church planting, specifically in a very multicultural area of his city.

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Benoît Engel

Paris, France

Benoît grew up in France, where he was born. After graduating in business and law, he worked in London for six years as an infrastructure investment professional during which time he supervised the development, acquisition and divestment of renewable assets across Europe. In 2013 Benoit joined the staff of St. Helen’s, a large church set in the city of London, and from there he trained for ministry at college. Benoit settled in Paris in June 2018 as pastor-in-training at Eglise des Ternes. Under God, Benoit is preparing to plant a church in the 16th arrondissement of Paris where he lives with his wife Caroline and their three young boys (Gabriel, Samuel and Daniel).


Emmanuel Tsoutsas

Athens, Greece

Emmanuel (27) is from Athens, Greece, where he and his wife (Bethany) live in a neighborhood called Pangrati. He studied nursing but is now in the process of getting a Theological Degree at the Greek Bible College. After years of working full-time in humanitarian and evangelistic ministry under a Christian organization, Emmanuel and his wife are now members of the Greek Evangelical Church of Glyfada, where he serves as their worship leader. He is the pastoral and church planting intern under the supervision of his pastor, George Tolias, in Pangrati, where he is coordinating the ministry efforts of the church to serve the needs of the area and see a new Evangelical church planted. At the end of his theological studies, while co-planting the church, Emmanuel will hopefully be ordained as a Greek Evangelical pastor. He also attends the City to City church planting incubator in Athens.

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Trenton Miller

A Coruña, Spain

Trenton was born and raised in the United States. He worked for 20 years in the corporate sector, primarily in the telecommunications industry. After short-term mission trips to Zambia, Cuba and Honduras, he believes the Lord called him to abandon his secular career for full-time ministry in foreign missions. In 2017, before leaving the US, he worked with five other men to start Grace Community Church in Goldsboro, North Carolina.

His wife of 25 years (Maria) and his 15-year-old daughter (Lauren) serve the Lord with him as missionaries with Operation Mobilization in A Coruña in the province of Galicia, where their vision is to see reformed churches planted. Their 21-year-old son Kirk lives in US with his wife Emily, and they are expecting their first child in November. He is currently serving in the military.

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Simon Kannenberg

Istanbul, Turkey

Simon was born and raised in the south of Germany. He moved to Hamburg after his studies and worked as a social worker while attending Hamburgprojekt Church, where he was involved in their discipleship ministry. In 2017 he moved to Istanbul to be part of a local church plant where him and his wife now serve. At the same time he is also studying theology.

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Oleksandr Khandus

Kyiv, Ukraine

Oleksandr is married to Inna, and they have two children. Renewal Church was planted 1.5 years ago by group of believers with 12 people. It is a church located in the Osokorky area of Kyiv, which has a population of around 60,000 people. The church has approximately 30 attending Sunday services, including kids.

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András Kazár

Diósd, Hungary

András was an atheist, growing up in communist Hungary without a church background. He came to faith in Christ at the age of 21 as a college student through Campus Crusade for Christ. In 2001, after studying the book of Acts, he felt called by God to a community church planting ministry. The Paulus Movement, their indigenous Hungarian evangelical organization with ten Hungarian national staff, is actively involved in personal evangelism, discipleship and leadership development. Growing out of the Kazár’s living room bible study, their first church plant is in Diósd. In 2013 the Paulus Diósd commissioned a team of six people to begin a church in the capital, targeting young professionals who live and commute to Budapest. Paulus Budapest is growing into a thriving church of young people excited to impact their many unchurched friends and colleagues in their circles of influence. András is presently serving as pastor of the Paulus Diósd church and recruiting a new team to plant a third Paulus church. The Kazárs reside in Diósd, Hungary and have three grown daughters.

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Jared Wensyel

Frankfurt, Germany

Jared was born and raised in Ohio. He studied German in high school and for one year at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. In that time he felt a strong call to move to Germany and work with church planting. Stephan Pues offered him the opportunity to work as a church planting trainee while Jared went to seminary at the Giessen School of Theology. In the search for a new pastor, Nordstern decided to hire Jared as interim pastor. Nordstern recently found a long-term replacement, and after five great years of working with Nordstern, Abbi and Jared are now moving on to plant a new church in Frankfurt-Sachsenhausen. Simultaneously, Jared is on the path to ordained priesthood in the Anglican Church in Germany. After finally finding a new apartment in Sachsenhausen, his priorities are recruiting a church planting team, fundraising, and preparing for the plant. He is very much looking forward to the City to City Europe Intensive, a great opportunity to hear great input and get to know church planters from all over Europe, with their wisdom and experience!

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Israel Quintani

Lisbon, Portugal

Israel is married to Sarah, and they have been working in church planting for the past five years. They’re both Brazilians that met and married in Portugal. Israel grew up in Brazil, did his major in Biology and came to Portugal in 2010 to get his theological degree. Sarah grew up in different places as a missionary kid, and after college started working as an English teacher. Since 2013 they were challenged to start a new church in one of the most educated and religious areas of Portugal, in the greater Lisbon area.

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Igor Granatyuk

Vynnyky, Ukraine

Igor is 39 years old and is married to Julia with two children, Anya (10) and Pavel (8). He became a believer in 1999 at the age of 19. He studied at the Polytechnic Institute, the Institute of Management and Leadership, the Theological Institute for his Bachelor, and the International Counseling Institute "Coram Deo". He graduated from the Institute of TCMi in the field of "Practical Theology".

In 2003 he took part in the start of a new church, and in 2006 he participated in the start of a church as a Pastor. His main responsibilities include preparing leader meetings, writing sermons, and encouraging leadership development through personal mentoring. In 2019 they will move to a new church location.

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Esteban Valenzuela

Madrid, Spain

Esteban was born and raised in Southern California just north of the Mexican border in the city of San Diego. From his birth there was always interaction with multiple cultures and languages. He went to a Christian school for 7 years but as he became a teenager he transitioned to public secular school. This marked a time of experimenting with worldly things which turned into patterns of sin and completely seeking his own desires. At the age of 19, after going through heartbreaking circumstances, he truly got on his knees, surrendered his life to Jesus Christ, and began to understand what salvation in Jesus truly is. In 2001, two months after the attacks on 9/11, he found himself in NYC serving Jesus officially for the first time. Since then, his life has been dedicated to serving God in the local church, serving God in the mission field, as well as Bible college and the study of His Word.

He met his wife in 2004. In 2015 they set foot in Spain as a family of five to serve Jesus and to move toward planting a church in Madrid. They have been living in Spain, raising a family, and serving Jesus ever since. Their church will be two years old in November 2019.

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Janos Hench

Hamburg, Germany

Janos, his wife (Anja) and their four children (Glorie, Ella, Jesaja and Samea) have been living in Hamburg since 2013. In 2016 Janos became the pastor of CityLight Hamburg.

Janos and Anja got married in 2009. Prior to that Janos lived in Salzburg, Austria where he helped to plant Calvary Chapel Salzburg, while Anja lived in Tel Aviv and worked with Calvary Chapel Tel Aviv. It is through those experiences that they know that God loves to work through church plants. He uses different people in the context that he has placed them to be a light for Him. It is important to them that people see their calling by God and that they would grow in their gifts. It is their vision that there would be more churches planted throughout Hamburg and northern Germany.