What is the European intensive?

The intensive training is a two and a half week long learning experience for church planters that are called to plant a church in one of the major cities of Europe. Interactive classes taught by experienced church planters and trainers will be combined with on-site visits of church plants and the immersion into different ministry contexts.

The training will have three main objectives

    • Gospel Theology: We want to create a learning experience where future church planters get immersed into the depth of the gospel, learn to apply the gospel to themselves and understand how the gospel shapes and empowers every aspect of their church plant.

    • Ministry Design: How do we contextualise our ministry approaches to our urban context? What will the unique, city-focused ministry of our church planters look like in their respective context?

    • Balanced Ministry: How do we plant churches that address the different ministry fronts in the city? How will the gospel influence and propel your preaching, evangelism, discipleship, faith and work, and mercy and justice initiatives and bear fruit for your city?

Where, when and who?

The European intensive will be held in three cities. We will move between Hamburg, Birmingham and Budapest and thereby get to know different cultural contexts, which will help the participants to sharpen their own cultural understanding.

The training will happen from September 7th - September 25th. The training sessions will mostly held by European trainers, as well as by John Thomas from City to City NYC, who will support and train us in the process.

The Intensive is ideal for church planters who are in the process of planting or will start planting within the 12 months after the training.


How much will it cost?

The participants will be responsible to pay for their travel to as well as back from the Intensive. This will mean one flight to Hamburg from their home city, as well as one flight from Budapest back home. They will be also responsible to cover for expenses for dinner.

Housing in all three cities, lunch during the day, as well as the travel between the cities will be covered by City to City Europe.

To take part in such a training is an important part of the preparation for a church planter and therefore also a good fundraising item. We would encourage the participants to raise the funds for their flights and dinners. If money should still be a challenge, we will try our best to make it happen nonetheless.

If you want to apply it is important you fill out the full form on this website. Also its important for us that you seek a regional leader that supports you. This leader can fill out a full form on our website.