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Session 2 CTCE Talks


Anke Steinbach - Hamburg Faith and Work

Anke Steinbach lives and works in Hamburg, Germany. She develops and leads the Faith & Work ministry in Hamburgprojekt, called “Wirkungskreis”. Anke holds a degree in economics and an MBA in sustainability management. For 15 years, she has been an entrepreneur working as a consultant and university lecturer. Prior to that, she worked in a consultancy and lived and worked in several places. She is specialized in sustainability management and through her ministry work increasingly deepdiving into workplace topics. Along with that, she has a passion for people´s spiritual growth.

In her talk, Anke will focus on how to integrate faith into work and how to equip people living a gospel-driven working life. She is convinced that outreach to workplaces becomes a major task for churches in urban cities.  


Bas van der Graaf - Amsterdam Coaching

Bas van der Graaf is pastor in the Protestant Church of the Netherlands and networkleader and coach of the chuchplanting and pionieering network in Amsterdam. He is the intended coaching director of CtCE, with the mission to build up a coaching system and network in Europe, with the hope to provide a coach for every churchplant in our network.

In his talk he will focus on the necessity of coaching for the healthy development of a churchplant. He also will give some impression what coaching looks like in the context of European cities. Through his talk he will work on a growing culture of coaching in our movement.


Brandon O’Brien Write Better: Demystifying the Writing Process To Help You Communicate Clearly

Brandon O’Brien is Director of Content Development and Distribution for Redeemer City to City in Manhattan, where he helps develop resources for church planters and network leaders worldwide and coaches writers in City to City networks.

Writing blogs, books, Bible studies and more is a natural way to extend your pastoral ministry to a larger audience. Unfortunately, the writing process can be intimidating. This workshop offers proven practical advice to improve your confidence and competence in writing. It will also connect you with a learning community of fellow pastors who can take this journey with you.

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