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Breakout Session I


Session 1:  How the Gospel makes us creative - Stephan Pues Hamburg

Stephan Pues planted.a church in Frankfurt, Co-leader of center for church planting Frankfurt, Director of CTCE.
Church planting is an innovative task. And urban cities are melting pots of creativity. As church planters we need to be leaders of innovation. Based on my article the workshop will be about: Why is creativity crucial for urban church planters? How can we stimulate and lead innovation? How does the gospel make us more creative? 


Session 2:  Integral life - building multi-ethnic Christian communities that change lives and are agents of city transformation - Jurjen ten Brinke Amsterdam

Jurjen ten Brinke is founding pastor of Hopefor the North, a multi-ethnic church in Amsterdam that started in 2006. He has a master in Tropical Agriculture and a bachelor in theology and is besides being a pastor active as an ambassador of Tearfund Netherlands and as presenter in an evangelical broadcast television channel in The Netherlands. 
God will be glorified in His diversity if people from all kind of cultural and social backgrounds join together to participate in the Kingdom that He builds. Relationship and friendships with the ones outside our comfort zone are necessarily to get in that space. After reading the essay and joining the workshop, people are triggered to think about the possibility of starting multi-ethnic communities that are infected by a gospel-driven theology in which salvationsocial justice and above all honouring God are practised and confessed by a diverse group of people that recognizes and experiences that each other is needed.

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Session 3 At the intersection of faith and culture: A vision for Christian cultural expressiveness - Rene Breuel Rome

René Breuel is the Lead Pastor of Hopera, a church in Rome, Italy, which started in 2012 and is currently planting its second daughter church. He has a MDiv from Regent College, Canada, an MSt in Creative Writing from Oxford University, and is the author of The Paradox of Happiness
How do we communicate the gospel beyond the walls of our churches? This workshop will present a biblical vision for engaging our cities' ideas and narratives and tell the story of a church plant's experiments with seeker groups, artistic events, public debates and conversations, and cultural production. 


Session 4 Why we work, how to work Marie van der Meulen and Suzanne de Jong Amsterdam. 

Marie has her own business in coaching & training (young) professionals blossom at work. Is also member of LOZ Amsterdam, a church plant that reaches out to secular young professionals.
We all work - in every single city of Europe. God loves work as much as He loves our cities. He want to meet & inspire us in our daily work - just like He does in our times of worship. Come and be ready to let the scripture change your look on work: both sacred and secular. So that you can empower your people to work with passion and Purpose, to help His Kingdom come in our cities. Note that this is not about evangelism at work but about a new understandig of how amazing God meant work to be.


Session 5 Danger Signs and 5 Keys to Sustaining Pastoral Excellence and Longevity Walter Wood
Walter Wood, Sr. Catalyst, Western Europe, Assistant Director, North America, City to City.

Ministry is a marathon, not a sprint. Many aspire to ministry success, but have not the tools nor the perspective to survive through the multi-faceted challenges of pastoral leadership and sustain excellence for the long haul. Walter will reflect on 44 years of ministry failures and successes and share tested principles to equip pastors and religious leaders to persevere through the ups and downs of ministry and sustain excellence for a lifetime of ministry. "All young pastors need to hear this, and this is a message City to City needs to make more available to our church planters".Felipe Assis, Pastor and Network Leader, City to City Miami.

Session 6 How people change. Sean and Ana Mullan Dublin

Seán and Ana Mullan live in Dublin and have been married for 34 years. Ana is from Argentina. They have worked in church planting, church leadership, gospel movement and social business together. Ana is a spiritual director and artist. 
The local church is intended to be a community of continuous change as people pursue the Jesus-following life together. But how do we ensure that ongoing personal change becomes a normal part of our shared life? This workshop will look at what helps people pursue change and what hinders them. 


Session 7 Embracing divercity - Theo Visser Rotterdam  

Theo leads ICP Europe. For over 22 years he has been working interculturally in planting 2 intercultural churches himself, and in leading a Dutch network of 30 new intercultural church plants. 
Our society has become more and more ethnically diverse. Not only through new refugees, but because Europe already for a long time has been a diverse place. What are the implications of that for planting intercultural churches? What does Scripture say about that? What are the implications for discipleship and leadership? How do we reach out to Muslims and others? For 20 years ICP (Intercultural Church Planting) has learned many tips and tricks for those who want to pursue a church from the nations, both in The Netherlands and also in Europe. Embracing diversity offers great opportunities and unique challenges for the Kingdom and its counter culture. Theo Visser (director ICP EU) will journey with us on this adventurous path!

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