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Session 1: Knowing the City


Missional church planting in secular Europe is usually motivated by either church growth (church planting as a way to grow the church) or by innovation (church planting as a way to renew the church). How do these motivations work out in practice? Is there anything we can learn from today’s experiences? Recent data and insights will be presented, and lessons will be drawn for church planting in late modern and secularized Europe.


Session 2: Reaching the city

Neil Powell
United Kingdom

Why is a so-called "theological vision" so important for church planting? The existence of a theological vision might be the important factor that makes the difference whether you just plant a church in the city or truly a church that reaches the city people.-  This session will be used to explain the concept, give practical expressions of it. 


Session 3: Serving the City

Jurjen ten Brinke
The Netherlands 

How can our congregations be a local expression of God’s character in word and deed? One of the greatest current and future challenges is serving our cities. This session will talk about integral/holistic mission. 


Session 4: Challenging the city

Giotis Kantartzis

How can we redeem our cultural narratives with the Good News? Its important to raise an awareness for the presence and power of current cultural narratives like the freedom narrative, identity narrative. This will be and apologetic talk, showing how the Gospel can respond and redeem to cultural narratives