20 November – 22 November 2017
European Network Leaders ForuM – Rome, Italy

Prayer - Recruitment - Training - Coaching - Finances - Network

Dear friends, 

Many of you have expressed your desire to be present at the event in Rome this November, please take the time to register for event now. 

Our hope is to gather together people who are connected closely to our network and serve in network leader type roles in their city or would like to become one. We also have invited some planters that are highly connected to CTCE and want to invest in the Network. 

The desired outcome of the meeting is that you would have more clear steps of how to develop your own City Network. We will hear from different leaders across Europe how they are working to advance their movements. The program will be very interactive. We would like to see at least two participants from every mayor city in Europe.

Program highlights for our time together:
Prayer - What does it mean to be a network that is filled with Prayer?
Recruitment - How do we attract new talented people that can become church planters? 
Training - How do we train church planters to equip them for their job?
Coaching - How do we serve along side those who are planting in our cities?
Finances - How do we ensure that we are good stewards of our money and get good financial direction?
Network - How do we build and grow our City Networks?

Our initial desired outcomes with more to follow:
· Discuss and work on the network development across Europe in order to discover ways in which the network can develop in a healthy way
· Hear stories from different networks to be inspired by what is happening and learn best practices
· Talk about the structure of our network on a regional and subregional level
· Have specific coaching conversations to help you develop a strategy for your network for the near future
Please look for more information about travel and housing. 

We hope to see you there, 
CTCE Executive Team


„Over the last couple of years, we have seen the European network flourish and expand. We’ve seen new churches being planted and new leaders connecting to CTCE. We rejoice in this development and praise God for all he has so faithfully provided over these years.
What will the next steps of CTCE look like? How can we further develop and consolidate the movement? What is our vision for the coming years? What kind of structure will be helpful and healthy to follow that vision? So that CTCE will be a blessing to church planters in european cities for decades to come!
— Matthias Voigt, working at the Hamburgprojekt

Please arrive on Monday the 20th around 17:00. We will start dinner at 19:00. We end the meeting on Wednesday the 22nd around 13:00. Flights are at your own costs. Please book your flights soon. 

Meals will be provided for you on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday through lunch. We will stay at the Rome Scout Centre. This is a nice location in a Hostel style. We provide quadruple rooms. This is a good style and it is doable for two nights. The rooms are new and nicely renovated. Alle the meals and the accommodation is for free. If you want to come with your spouse you need to find accommodation in the near area. There are some inexpensive hotels in the neighbourhood.  

Recommended hotel: http://www.hotelsangiustoroma.com/en/


We hope to see you below! Please sign up below ASAP. More information about the agenda will follow soon. 


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