November 2019 - Network Leaders Forum - Athens

This meeting will be for invites only. Network leaders from CTCE will gather and cast vision for the network.

17-18 January 2020 - Worship symposium - What is worship?

When answering this question, we often ponder philosophical and theological questions about our identity, our purpose in life and the relationship between God and Humanity. But we are also confronted with very practical issues:

How do we organize our worship services?

What is the right order of the liturgical elements? Is there one?

Why do we sing? What songs should we sing?

Should we use traditional liturgies or search for new forms?

How do our philosophical and theological views inform our practical planning and implementation of worship?

If you have ever pondered these questions, the City to City Worship Symposium is for you!

We invite church-planters, pastors, worship leaders, singers and instrumentalists to attend this symposium on 17-18 January in Munich to explore the gift of worship with Tom and Michelle Jennings from Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City. Our time together will include plenary sessions, Q&A time, and roundtable discussions.

Join us as we come together to encourage, inspire and strengthen each other to further worship that would be God-fearing, gospel-centred, historically informed, contextualised and engaging.

November 2020 - General conference CTCE

More details to be announced soon.

2018 CTCE Conference

Our last conference was in Krakow, Poland 2018.

Have a look at the event page for the conference talks and highlights.