Coaching Event

kiev, september 24-26, 2019

We are excited to welcome you in Kiev and we are encouraged by the group of people that will attend. 
We are very happy you are part of this. 

This page contains information about your stay in Kiev  

Any questions during your stay in Kiev: Benjamin Morrison,



Edward Durham, Budapest
Yulia Balatska, Kiev
Benjamin Morrison, Kiev
Lena Morrison, Kiev
Ken Brownd, Poland
Janet Brownd, Poland
Aaron Bashore, Frankfurt
Danny Jones, Bratislava
Harold Golden, Budapest
Endre Kiss, Budapest
Nick Mikhaluk, Kiev
Maia Mikhaluk, Kiev
George Markey, Kiev
Pavlo Lozynsky, Lviv
Daniel Bulzan

Bas van der Graaf, Amsterdam
David Whitehead, New York










Hotel Tourist Kiev.

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Payment Hotel

You can pay at the location the hotel. With this link you can express details what kind of room you want and the costs it will be. Also you can add if you need an extra night.
Please: if you don’t need housing you need to indicate this.
Please in the google sheet also indicate if you have food preferences.

Link to the sheet.

Travel to the Hotel


The costs to participate in the event will be 100 euro. You will get a paypal request a few days before the meeting.

Meeting location
The meeting location is at the same hotel. Ask at the reception for the room or locate by the digital screens.

Schedule (detailed schedule you will receive at the meeting)


Day 1 (Tuesday 24)

12.00 Registration

12.00-13.00 Lunch

13.00-18.30 Session 1-5

19.30-21.30 Dinner together, at Ihorivska street 14

Day 2 (Wednesday 25)

9.00-16.00 Session 6-10

16.00-…. Free time

Day three (Thursday 26)

9.00-12.00 Session 11-12

12.00-13.00 Q&A

13.00 Dismissal


Material to download

Special E-Book to read.